el guajillo

Hola a todos! Please be upstanding for…the guajillo chilli! C'est moi. Guajillo (gwah-hee-yoh) means ‘little gourd’ and refers to my shape. Here’s how you can pick me out in a crowd:

Sweet, fruity flavour with notes of berries and green tea Mild to medium heat (2,500-5,000 on Scoville scale), similar to the jalapeño Dark, reddish-brown, leathery skin A little of me goes a long way! Here’s how you can prepare me: Dry toast me in a medium hot pan to draw out some of the flavour

Open me up, remove my seeds and rehydrate me in hot water for 30 minutes Then I can be ground into a paste, blended for a sauce or rubbed on meat to add flavour. I can even be used to spice up a Tunisian harissa paste!

I taste great in:

Mole sauces, salsa for tamales*, marinades, soups and stews.

*We’ll be learning more about tamales in the new year

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