el habanero

Hola amigos! I am the hottest and most established chilli plant in Latin America – people have been growing me for 9,000 years!

What do I look and taste like?

small lantern-shaped thin, waxy flesh subtle citrus flavour my heat is intense, so gloves are recommended and beware of touching your hands or face!

How to prepare and cook me:

If you keep me intact and dry me out, I can be used to infuse sauces and stews. Rehydrate me until I am soft, and then chop me into slivers, or blend me into a sauce before cooking. Start with a small amount and keep adding – I’m very hot and it’s far easier to add extra heat than to try and dilute excess heat!

What dishes can you find me in?

I am perfect for a chilli con carne, spicy ceviche*, meat stew or chutney – you can even heat me in oil to create a chilli-infused oil.

*ceviche is fresh raw fish marinated in a citrus and chilli sauce.